Федотов Валерий Павлович (matholimp) wrote,
Федотов Валерий Павлович

Global North conference Stockholm

Получил ответ от организаторов конференции:

Thank you for your proposal for the conference in Stockholm 12-14 August on the Global North. It is a great pleasure to inform you that your proposal has been accepted, and we are looking very much forward to seeing you here in Stockholm. Program with further information about the session you have been placed in will follow.
Practical information about the conference will follow later. But if you have any questions, you are very much welcome to contact me and Emmy Atterving.
We have received a great number of proposals and to select among them has been difficult and taken long time. Therefore this late answer for which we apologize.
With kind regards
Kurt Villads Jensen
promo matholimp november 26, 17:30 55
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