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Это уже опровергли или наоборот?

С https://chemrxiv.org/articles/Repurposing_Therapeutics_for_the_Wuhan_Coronavirus_nCov-2019_Supercomputer-Based_Docking_to_the_Viral_S_Protein_and_Human_ACE2_Interface/11871402/3 :

Repurposing Therapeutics for COVID-19: Supercomputer-Based Docking to the SARS-CoV-2 Viral Spike Protein and Viral Spike Protein-Human ACE2 Interface
Version 3 (old) preprint revised on 26.02.2020, 19:14 and posted on 27.02.2020, 09:54 by Micholas Smith Jeremy C. Smith
The novel Wuhan coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) has been sequenced, and the virus shares substantial similarity with SARS-CoV. Here, using a computational model of the spike protein (S-protein) of SARS-CoV-2 interacting with the human ACE2 receptor, we make use of the world's most powerful supercomputer, SUMMIT, to enact an ensemble docking virtual high-throughput screening campaign and identify small-molecules which bind to either the isolated Viral S-protein at its host receptor region or to the S protein-human ACE2 interface. We hypothesize the identified small-molecules may be repurposed to limit viral recognition of host cells and/or disrupt host-virus interactions. A ranked list of compounds is given that can be tested experimentally.

Submission date

First online date

Posted date

Email Address of Submitting Author
The University of Tennessee, Knoxville & Oak Ridge National Laboratory
ORCID For Submitting Author
Declaration of Conflict of Interest
Version Notes
Version 3. Updated compression of gzipped-tarball and cleaned directory tree within SI to make it easier to use.

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